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HTML5 Hybrid Apps


Monaca's Top 5 Features

  1. 1. HTML5 Hybrid App Development is Faster and Easier Than Ever

    Monaca gives web producers and developers an efficient way to develop iOS or Android mobile apps by allowing them to use existing skill sets.

  2. 2. Choose Your Own Development Style / Coding Environment

    Monaca not only offers its own browser-based IDE, but also your favorite local development environment such as Visual Studio or Sublime Text. You can choose the best environment based on target user and purpose.

  3. 3. Higher Performance for HTML5 Hybrid Apps

    Onsen UI eliminates performance related issues that are typically a weakness for HTML5 hybrid apps. In addition, Monaca offsets OS differences by implementing “Crosswalk,” the latest Chromium browser engine for Android apps. This avoids all performance and fragmentation issues with Android WebView.

  4. 4. Improve Total App Life Cycle

    Monaca is more than just an app development tool. It is an integrated platform that can drastically improve your app development and management. It provides comprehensive support that includes design, app development, backend development, existing system integration, testing and debugging, app distribution, analytics, and more.

  5. 5. Compatible with Other App Development Support Tools

    Monaca works with other mobile app development and support tools, such as mBaaS, testing support, and advertising offered by other companies.

More than 2,000 apps are available on App Store and Google Play.


Monaca User Testimonials

  • Publishing your app to an App store will be harder than developing your app with Monaca.
    Student of Business at Vigo University / Freelancer
    Victor Fernandez
  • The main thing I love about Monaca is the cloud IDE. It makes my life and my machine’s life a lot easier by not having to download and install the Monaca tools. Another thing that I loved about Monaca is the strong support.
    Software Engineer
    Sambruce Joseph
  • There are lots of Phonegap IDEs out there but Monaca is the best I have ever worked with. A complete suite of all the tools you need to create awesome multi-platform apps!
    Freelance Web Developer
    Tobi Ayilara
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