Our Story

We are known as one of the geekiest companies in Tokyo. Our company, Asial Corporation, has been a premier mobile/web engineering services and developer education company since 2002.

Masa Tanaka, Founder & CEO, started Asial while in college, and we have added a wide range of technical capabilities on both frontend and backend deeply diving into JavaScript ecosystem, to serve our rapidly growing client base.

Our products, Monaca and Onsen, were born out of such client work.

In 2009, Masa initially started looking into PhoneGap as an internal development tool. The team quickly fell in love with it and has come to believe that hybrid is the future of mobile app development. We introduced PhoneGap to Japan and the team has written dozens of books and articles and founded the Tokyo Cordova User Group.

As customer interest grew, we decided to build a full fledged hybrid app development platform of our own. We had one goal in mind - to provide developers around the world a hassle free way to develop high performance apps.

We started with Monaca Cloud IDE and Debugger, then developed and open sourced our Onsen frontend framework. In 2015, we’ve added local development tools, which morphed Monaca into a comprehensive suite of cloud-powered hybrid mobile app development toolings.

Today, Monaca has over 200,000 users worldwide. Our customers range from independent developers to major enterprises. Our business is rapidly becoming more global. Our team hails from Japan, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Sweden, India, Cambodia and USA and our members are located in Tokyo and San Francisco. We are a privately-held company thriving with no outside funding to date.

Monaca Team

  • Masa Tanaka
    Masa Tanaka
  • Ryoichi Tsukada
    Ryoichi Tsukada
  • Katsutoshi Makino
    Katsutoshi Makino
    Back-end Engineer
  • Takuya Watanabe
    Takuya Watanabe
  • Kenichi Naito
    Kenichi Naito
  • Nahoko Hanazaki
    Nahoko Hanazaki
  • Saito Kaihara
    Saito Kaihara
    Product Leader
  • Khourn Khemry
    Khourn Khemry
    Service Support
  • Andi Pavllo
    Andi Pavllo
    Front-end Engineer
  • Itsuko Moroi
    Itsuko Moroi
    Sales Assistant
  • Yuki Okamoto
    Yuki Okamoto
    Training Specialist
  • Kanako Ubukata
    Kanako Ubukata
    Developer Advocate
  • Bryan Ellis
    Bryan Ellis
    Back-end Engineer
  • Atsushi Matsuda
    Atsushi Matsuda
    iOS / Backend Engineer
  • Keiji Odagawa
    Keiji Odagawa
    Service Support

Onsen Team

  • Fran Dios
    Fran Dios
    Lead Engineer
  • Naoki Matagawa
    Naoki Matagawa
  • Andi Pavllo
    Andi Pavllo