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Accelerate Your Mobile Strategy
with Monaca Enterprise

Enterprise App Development & Management Framework
for HTML5/Cordova Apps

Monaca Enterprise is a mobile app development and management framework that provides full featured services for secure and efficient mobile app development and management. Equipped with Cordova, an industry-standard HTML5 hybrid app OSS (Open Source Framework), it enables you to develop multiplatform mobile apps by using web technology standards.

Monaca Enterprise will accelerate your enterprise mobile strategy.

Choose Your Own Development Style and Coding Environment

In addition to its browser-based IDE, Monaca offers your favorite local development environment including Visual Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, and Sublime Text. You can also use it with version control tools like Git and Subversion. Choose the best environment based on your target user and purpose.

Plugins for Secure HTML5 Hybrid App Development

App Logic Encryption

A high level of security is maintained by encrypting files in the app to keep them from being decoded or copied.

Secure Storage

Secure storage is provided by encrypting saved data on devices, preventing information leaks in the case of theft or loss.

In-App Updater

An automatic app update feature that does not require re-downloading from an app store. Users can always enjoy your latest, updated apps without the need for redistribution or reinstallation.

Higher Performance for HTML5 Hybrid Apps

Performance related issues, that are typically a weakness for HTML5 hybrid apps, are eliminated with Monaca’s Onsen UI. Monaca offsets OS differences by implementing “Crosswalk,” the latest Chromium browser engine for Android apps. This avoids all performance and fragmentation issues with Android WebView.

Streamline HTML5 Hybrid App Debugging

Monaca offers the world’s best debugging tool designed specifically for HTML5 hybrid apps. With Monaca Debugger, you can instantly test your app in real-time on an actual device, without compiling it. It also supports more serious debugging features like setting breakpoints in JavaScript and stepping.

HTML5/Cordova Development Support Services

Monaca’s seasoned development and support team fully support your HTML5/Cordova app development. We offer comprehensive services that span customized app development to help desk and training.

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