Monaca CI

Continuous Integration for Cordova Apps

Hands-free build and deployment automation for your Cordova apps. No need to maintain local SDK anymore!

Monaca CI (Continuous Integration & Deployment) is a service that has been integrated within the current development environment stack to automate building and deployment cycle. Monaca CI let developers focus more on the code and less on the backend process of building, testing and deploying an app.

  1. Easy Setup

    Easy Setup

    Quickly start deployment automation by choosing your GitHub repository. All build configurations are easily made on the browser.

  2. Security


    Everything is prepared on the cloud in a sandbox-environment for security. By combining Resource Encryption Power Plugin, you can even add security layer to your application.

  3. Made for Cordova

    Made for Cordova Developers

    We support various Cordova versions and third-party plugins using hook scripts. No need to maintain Xcode, Android SDK or any other build tools.

  4. Remote Build

    Remote Build

    Trigger automatic remote builds by committing to the repository. Flexible configurations to precisely define is possible by specifying tag names or branch names to build for debug and/or release builds.

  5. Deployment


    Automated deployment to third-party distribution services. Supported services include but not limited to Hockey App and Deploy Gate. Click here for a complete list of supported and upcoming services.

  6. Cross Platform

    Supports iOS, Android and Windows

    Seamlessly build for all major mobile operating systems. You can even combine with our Cordova state-of-the-art development tools and debugging application!

Monaca CI Pricing

The Monaca CI service is on a pay-per-use platform with a monthly fee. Note that all of our plans include advanced debugging, remote push notifications, technical support and more!

Monaca Plans

Monthly Charge
  • GitHub Public Repos
  • GitHub Private Repos
FreeFree ProJPY 2,160/mo BusinessJPY 7,560/mo EnterpriseJPY 108,000/mo
FreeFree DeveloperFrom $19/mo GoldFrom $49/mo PlatinumFrom $78/mo
10 CI/mo 10 Builds/mo 10 Builds/mo 30 Builds/mo
  • Additional CI tickets(build tickets) are available for purchase ($110 for 50 builds - valid for 3 months).
  • Basic plan is limited to 3 builds per last 24 hours.
  • Basic plan does not include third-party Cordova plugin support.
  • Basic plan users need to log in within 30 days.

14 day UNLIMITED FREE TRIAL on all monthly plans.

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