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  • Our contest is currently suspended, but please stay tuned as we plan to resume it again after Summer 2016
    • In the meantime, we are preparing other activities for you...
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The Monaca x Onsen UI App Ninja Contest is an app development competition for the best hybrid app developed using Monaca or Onsen UI. It was active from November 2015 until April 2016. We have currently suspended the contest, but intend to resume it within a few months. Please stay tuned.

Each month, three winners were given an opportunity to choose one of the following rewards: GitHub gift card ($25 value), iTunes gift card ($25 value), Google Play gift card ($25 value), 1 Sublime Text license, or a 6 month Monaca Developer license ($100 value). Winners have also received our Excellence Award, a recognition badge that can be freely used to promote their application.


All entrants got an opportunity for promotion on our showcase site.



This monthly contest started in October 2015 and finished in April 2016. Winners were notified by email and announced on the Monaca X Onsen UI Showcase Page under Featured apps.


Apps must be built with Monaca or Onsen UI (or both). Apps which have already been developed are also eligible if they are finished with Monaca. Submitting more than one app is allowed. Apps must be available for disclosure in our showcase. Acceptance of the terms and conditions is required.


Both individuals and companies may participate.


Each month we announced maximum of 3 winners that were eligible to choose one of the following awards:

  1. GitHub gift card ($25 value)
  2. iTunes gift card ($25 value)
  3. Google Play gift card ($25 value)
  4. Sublime Text license
  5. 6 month Monaca Developer license ($100 value)


The Best App Award was announced on Monaca X Onsen UI Showcase site. Outstanding apps were also given the opportunity for featuring on Monaca X Onsen UI blog. The winners were notified in advance before the announcement.


Selection of the Best App Award was determined by Monaca's team of engineers and designers.
The selection criteria focused on:

  • Excellence in UI design
  • Functionality
  • Originality and Creativity


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