Everything you need for your Cordova hybrid mobile app development

Monaca is a hybrid app development platform that makes your Cordova app development a lot easier.

  • Fully support existing app including Cordova plugins and Kendo UI.
  • Includes browser IDE, companion live test and debugger app, remote online build, push notifications and more.
  • CLI and GUI desktop tool is also available for local development.
  • Works with popular frontend frameworks and UI frameworks.
  • Technical support and active community.

Migration from Telerik Platform

Step 1: Preparation

Login to Telerik Platform and execute "Export to Cordova CLI" as described here. This will convert your project into a Cordova project.

Step 2: Importing to Monaca Cloud IDE

From Monaca Dashboard, import your project ZIP file.
And you're done!

Additional Step 1: Debug your app

Install Monaca Debugger app on your device from Google Play or AppStore and run your project on the app.

Additional Step 2: Remote build your app

From Monaca Cloud IDE, go to Build → Build App for Android and click Start Build.

For more details

Please refer to Migration from Telerik Platform in Monaca Docs if you want a complete guide.

About Monaca

Monaca is a premier mobile and web engineering services and developer education company since 2002, headquartered in Tokyo. We’ve been working with PhoneGap / Cordova since 2009 and the founder, Masa Tanaka, is a frequent conference speaker in this field. Our main products are Monaca and Onsen UI, the framework-agnostic UI framework for hybrid and PWA.

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us.